We help you navigate opportunities


Your growth and success is our priority.

  • We’ll guide you in determining the right entity for your business, whether it is an LLC, a partnership or a corporation.

  • We’ll help you navigate new joint ventures, onboarding new business partners, or VC investors.

  • We’ll provide you with peace of mind about corporate “housekeeping” matters such as board of directors and shareholder meetings, corporate authorizations, and state filings.


When it’s time to expand your business.

  • We will be your trusted transaction adviser – from start to finish – in the acquisition of assets or stock, business combinations or reorganizations.

  • We conduct due diligence; prepare and review deal term sheets and transactional documents; and coordinate closings for you.

  • We help you scale up by handling mergers and acquisitions or divestitures of stock or assets.


Get it in writing to protect your interests.

  • We’ll help maximize your profits by legally protecting your interests – efficiently negotiating contracts with customers, suppliers and service providers.

  • We’re equipped to handle the broad range of commercial transactions you’ll encounter, including distribution agreements, general terms and conditions of sale or service, agency agreements, and consulting and advisory agreements.


When building your team, trust but verify.

  • We provide offer letters and employment and separation agreements for your team – maximizing your company’s hard-won human capital.

  • We design and vet your employee handbooks and internal policies.

  • We protect your proprietary interests with non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements.


Grow your business.

  • We can assist with domestic and cross-border securities offerings/private placements.

  • We advise on recapitalizations, debt and/or equity financing.

  • We review investors’ rights agreements and equity incentive plans.


Create a unique brand and protect it.

  • We’ll file the trademark applications necessary to legally ensure your brand is secure.

  • We’ll handle trademark correspondence with the USPTO, and the corresponding actions to keep you – and your competitors – on the right side of the law.

General Counsel

Legal partners every step of your journey.

  • We’re here for you with expert advice as any legal challenge arises.

  • We’re transparent: if you’ve got questions outside of our expertise, we’ll find the right people to answer them.

  • We’ll equip you with the legal tools you need for success, so you can focus on your mission and growth.

  • We will connect you with our network of strategic alliances, locally and internationally, for the most comprehensive package of services possible.

  • We collaborate with highly qualified lawyers specializing in litigation, arbitration, patent law and immigration, who can protect you and enhance your business at every turn.

german practice

Nothing gets lost in translation with us.

  • We speak your language: All our legal services are available in German, as well as English.

  • We know your needs: Chances are, we’ve encountered the same opportunities and challenges doing business in the U.S. as foreigners that you have.

  • We can help set your expectations because we are dually trained in German and U.S. law, and know their similarities and differences.

  • We know our competitors, and we can do it better and more cost effectively for you. We have worked extensively with German speaking clients in some of the most relevant German law practices in the U.S.

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